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  1. Allah Se Dar Tauba Tauba Kar | Imran Aziz Mian
    1. Vicente Fernandez - Cantina de Mi Barrio - Cover Audio
    2. Watch Ameca the humanoid robot in its FIRST public demo
    3. Clash-A-Rama: How The Other Half Clashes (Clash of Clans)

Allah Se Dar Tauba Tauba Kar | Imran Aziz Mian

Situado en el centro histórico de Aranda de Duero, este restaurante sirve cordero lechal tradicional asado en horno de leña y cocina tradicional castellana con un toque moderno. Los clientes también pueden visitar la histórica bodega del siglo XV.

La carta del restaurante es muy variada y está especializada en el típico lechazo asado en horno de leña de la región, así como en una deliciosa oferta de cocina tradicional castellana actualizada con toques innovadores.

La carta de vinos cuenta con una amplia selección de caldos de la Ribera del Duero y de otras regiones, con más de 450 etiquetas, cuidadosamente conservadas en la histórica bodega subterránea situada bajo el restaurante.

Vicente Fernandez - Cantina de Mi Barrio - Cover Audio

Hailee Steinfeld's facial expressiveness and comedic vis was highly documented in this brilliant teen comedy, which she starred in before entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Kate Bishop in the 'Hawkeye' series. The story follows a teenage girl who sees her life fall apart when her best friend starts dating her brother and everything changes.

Daniel Guzmán made his directorial debut with this film, which won the Goya for best director and best new actor (Miguel Herrán) after sweeping the Malaga Film Festival. A cambio de nada' is a film of initiation, of adolescent adventures marked by uprooting and lack of references. Raw cinema for which it counted on established actors (Luis Tosar, Miguel Rellán) supporting young promises such as Miguel Herrán ('La casa de papel') and Antonio Bachiller.

Stuart Murdoch, leader of the pop band Belle and Sebastian had some songs that didn't fit with his group, but in one of female voices, so he created 'God Help the Girl' and this fake biopic that explores the transit zone between female adolescence and the responsibilities of adulthood following the casting process for the voices of the group. We don't know if it is one of the best musicals in the history of cinema, but it will surprise you.

Watch Ameca the humanoid robot in its FIRST public demo

Dunder Mifflin has more parties than work days, and the one at the casino was one of the biggest. Michael handles getting his current girlfriend, Carol, together with Jan in the worst possible way; Jim helps Pam with her wedding to Roy: we see Kevin's bizarre band video and... Yes, Jim finally declares his love to Pam. Although she tells him they can only remain friends, the season closes with their first kiss, the most anticipated scene of the series.

This is one of the episodes where the script makes the best use of an office situation. When Michael learns that his branch is going to be closed, it doesn't take long for his drama to infect his employees with panic. Meanwhile, Jim finds himself at the Stamford branch sending faxes to Dwgith making him believe they are messages from his future self. In the end it turns out that it will be the Stamford branch that closes, bringing Jim back together with Pam. The main characters have nothing to do with each other, especially Dwight's and Michael's stabbing of the company's CEO at his home...

Clash-A-Rama: How The Other Half Clashes (Clash of Clans)

Whether you want to end the day with a drink, relax on a walk under the stars or get spooked on a ghost tour, there's plenty to do after dark in Florida's St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beach. Here's just a sampling:

In downtown St. Augustine, find eclectic bistros, sidewalk cafes and unique tapas and wine bars where you can dine after dark while enjoying a craft cocktail or beer from a local brewery.

See your favorite artist in concert or discover a new favorite band at St. Augustine Amphitheatre or Ponte Vedra Concert Hall. Or come hear one of the young new artists at the Colonial Oak Music Park, which offers free concerts most days Thursday through Sunday.

The night scene gets hot from May through September, when you can enjoy free evening concerts throughout the summer at the St. Johns County Ocean Pier Park and Plaza in historic downtown St. Augustine. Concerts on the Plaza are scheduled for Thursday evenings, May through August, and Music by the Sea takes place on Wednesdays, May through September, at St. Johns County Ocean Pier Park. The best part: Both are free admission!

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